Membership Information

Membership of the Ghanaian Association of Ottawa is on an individual basis and is open to all people of Ghanaian descent and their families in Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas. Associate membership is open to people of non-Ghanaian descent.


  • The Association serves as a forum for members to meet other Ghanaians, share and contribute to the educational, cultural and socio-economic development of Ghanaians.
  • Members have the right to attend all functions organized and/or sponsored by the Association, play a role in building the Association and take part in the decision-making process.
  • Members also qualify to receive attention and support from the Association when they need it.


All members shall have the right to:

  • Participate in all activities of the Association subject to the rules and regulations governing such activities.
  • Seek and hold elected office in the Association.
  • Be a member of any committee established by the Association or Executive Committee except where membership is restricted.
  • Participate in general meetings.
  • Nominate and vote for officers in the Association’s Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings.


To be considered active in the GAO, members are required to:

  • Register formally.
  • Pay membership dues annually
  • Attend meetings and participate in GAO activities